5 Toxic Dates That Turn Men Off

The deal-breakers that men go out of their way to avoid at all costs.
Nobody's perfect, but there are some negative personalities that just make romantic prospects want to turn and run in the other direction. So what are the deal-breakers that men go out of their way to avoid at all costs? Relationship counselor Elizabeth Sullivan has compiled a list of five toxic dates:


Miss Materialistic

Nothing is more unromantic than a woman who chooses her date based solely on his net worth. "Men want to feel that you like them for themselves -- not just what they can provide for you," says Sullivan. Which is why materialistic, high maintenance girls are off-putting to men.


Miss Needy

This woman is constantly demanding to be around her partner as much as possible and whining about not getting enough attention. Not giving your other half his personal space can make him want to run for the hills. You're much better off maintaining a good degree of independence. "A great relationship is about two people coming together who are in a good place and have something to give each other -- they are not just looking to take," Sullivan adds.


Miss Hard-To-Please

People who are critical or always bitching about this and that literally scare potential dates away. The reasoning is simple: Nobody likes to hang out with such a negative person. Plus, he'll expect you to do the same to him behind his back. "If you are overly critical of people generally, there is a very high probability you will be like that with him."


Miss Stuck-In-The-Past

Most people have a past; the important thing is that you have dealt with it and are now in a good place emotionally. Bringing any emotional baggage into a new relationship only leaves your new guy wondering if you're really over your ex at all.


Miss Bad-Mannered

Be careful how you treat other people while you're together. Rude behavior is a definite turn-off. "Most decent men want to be with a woman that they feel proud of -- not embarrassed by," says Sullivan.

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